(Choreographer, Performer)

Leslie Elkins is an Associate Professor of Dance at Rowan University where she teaches dance theory and technique specializing in improvisational composition and performance. Leslie earned her Ph.D. in Dance from Temple University. Body-Presence: Lived Experience of Choreography and Performance, her phenomenological-hermeneutic study involving work with noted artists Deborah Hay, Grace Mi-He Lee, and Tania Isaac, is published by Lambert Academic Publishing. Leslie’s Rowan University choreographic credits include Sans Limites in Making Trouble (2015), House of Murals (2017) in collaboration with Corinne Karon and Christiane Matallo, and most recently The Cradle Will Rock (2018). She is one of the founding members of Foursome, a collaborative arts ensemble in Philadelphia that performed an idle/idol/idyll trilogy in the 2007-2009 Philly Fringe Festivals. Her other performance work includes Quick Change (2011), an improvisational dance-theatre collage with Paule Turner and Heidi Barr, Boom Boom Boom (2012), a solo adaptation of Deborah Hay’s choreography, and What Narwhals Talk About When They Talk About Love (2014), a karaoke cabaret/minimalist ballet/piercing talk show created by and performed with Grace Mi-He Lee. In 2016 she was one of 24 Philadelphia artists selected to work with acclaimed French choreographer and experimental dancer Boris Charmatz during his Levée des conflits residency. Last summer she worked as an improvisational consultant with fidget’s Megan Bridge and Beau Hancock as they re-staged an adaptation of PA RT (1978), the seminal duet created and performed by Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson from 1978-2002. After premiering Embracing the Liminal in this year’s Philadelphia Fringe Festival, she will travel to São Paulo as a teaching guest in the 2018 Brazil International Tap Festival and then restage Embracing the Liminal at Rowan University as part of Breaking the Glass Ceiling: A Celebration of Women in Choreography in March 2019.